St. Vladimir
Russian Orthodox Church

Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
Diocese of Chicago and the Midwest

Fr. Lubomir Kupec


24 E. Tidwell Rd.
Houston, TX 77022

Map & Driving Directions


FROM THEIR WEBSITE (translated from the Russian):   Fr. Lubomir, together with the sisterhood and members of St. Vladimir's Church invite all sincere Russian believers and other Orthodox Christians who live in the God-protected city of Houston to attend our great and glorious temple.

St. Vladimir's temple is a wonderful place for the divine services, baptisms, weddings, and other important church-related functions. At the same time, St. Vladimir's is the spiritual center of the Russian population in Houston. Come in peace for the corporate prayers and for brotherly fellowship. With God's help and blessing, spend time amongst your Russian brothers and sisters in faith and spirit.

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